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The deteriorating relationship between  Cameron’s Ministry of Sports and Physical Education, MINSEP,and The Cameron Football Federation ,FECAFOOT,has reach a crescendo with both parties now standing on the red line.

The beefing or for better still ,battle for supremacy between *Prince Seidou Mbombo Njoya*of FECAFOOT and Professor *Narcisse Mouelle Kombi*of MINSEP is reported to have crossed the Rubicon,with the two officials publicly countering each other.

The peak of the cold war between these two senior  football personalities who under every circumstances should be working for the growth and development of Cameron’s football,was recently manifested when the Sports Minister issued a Communicaque banning the holding of an Extra Ordinary  General Assembly of FECAFOOT which was dedicated to the adoption of the revised FECAFOOT statues amongst other things.
Minister Narcisse Mouelle claimed that the GA was not within the ampit of the law.

There was however ,a backtracking of the decision following suspension threats issued on Cameroon by World’s Football Governing Body FIFA.
FIFA reminded that Cameroon will be suspended if the EGA which was taking place under their General supervision  fails to take place in what would be considered as Breached of Code of Ethics; government Interferance in the affairs of FIFA,which is an offense tatamount to suspension.

Today there is an imminent unwanted suspension looming over the Cameroon league one and two,because the MINSEP BOSS has deliberately not ordered the disbursement of the last quota of state subvention to the 35 elite clubs through FECAFOOT.

The resumption of the second round of the Championship came after almost two months of fighting between elite club presidents and MINSEP over money.

It is alleged that the minister is an ally and a supporter of Retired Army General ,Pierre Semengue,of the Cameroon Professional League,LFPC.

Some pundits have out rightly accused and condemned  the minister for deliberately frustrating a sweet football  season which is already recording some successes.

Prince Seidou Mbombo Njoya has also been criticized in some quaters for turning down invitations from the minister to chat a way forward for Cameroon’s football ,in what has been described as arrogance and disrespect of a Republican institution.

The Prince Like his predecessors claim that he is not answerable to the minister but to FIFA.

From history,the relationship between FECAFOOT and MINSEP has always been rife, some thing which has  kept Cameron’s football in the evil forest as stake holders weep daily.

This squabble for paorokia interest which jeopardizes the destiny of a whole nation,is the main killer of the beautiful game in the country of Samuel Eto’o.

Professor Narcisse Mouelle kombi,Prince Seidou Mbombo Njoya as well as 76 years old retired army general Pierre Semengue ,are the most famous top office footballers in Cameroon,that one will hear of who have stolen the show.None of them watch the local league.

As a matter of fact and without mincing words these gentle men are responsible for the  calamity that has befallen Cameron’s football for several years now.

If this greedy tussle between these two officials continue then let’s expect the worst for Cameron’s football because from the look of things it would take the hand of God for this two gentle men to meet on a tete-a-tete in other to find a common ground and re-establish a working relationship.

However, Impossible  is not Cameroon they say,but these two elephants must remember that posterity will judge them either right or wrong.


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