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Guinness Super League: Match Day 8 & 9 Fixtures -Caïman in trouble waters

guinness super league

The delay match day 8 and match day 9 fixtures of the Guinness Super League have been released with Caïman of Douala set to play 2 games in 4 days to lift its head away from the danger zone. But the task seems herculian as they Face Amazones FAP today and Eding Filles on Sunday at the Bepanda Annexe Stadium.

The Annexe B Olembe stadium will witness two top games: Ecair FF of Sa’a Vs AS AWA at 1:30pm preceeding the Guinnessico clash between FC Ebolowa and Lekie FF. A match of titans where FC Ebolowa will test its physicality to the technical prouese of league leaders Lekie FF. Match to kick off at 3:30pm prompt

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