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All You Need To Know About Njalla Quan Jr’s Press Conference.

Former fourth vice president of the Cameroon Football Federation Henry Njalla Quan Jr made staggering revelations in a press conference he organized at the Njalla Quan Sports Academy headquarters in Bimbia.

This was after his club Njalla Quan Sports Academy suffered catastrophic effects in the club’s 1-0 defeat to Kumba City FC in the Semifinals of the South West Mini Interpools. This was after a confidential letter was sent to Fecafoot boss, Samuel Eto’o on June 20th, 2023 – and the fact that the letter was leaked, led to the outburst of Henry Njalla Quan Jr to make this staggering revelation at the Press Conference on July 15, 2023.

But before then, Njalla Quan Jr had withdrawn NQSA from all fecafoot-organized competitions and had suspended the activities of the Academy. He also went further to resign from his post as Fourth Vice President of the Football Federation.

With different media controversies, Njalla Quan Jr organized a press conference in Bimbia to confirm his previous decisions and outburst. He began by outlining the remote causes of this brouhaha by saying that the issue began six months ago

“I saw the first signs of the cabal against me about six months ago. But first I had to be patient. The start of our mandate at FECAFOOT was sweet, like any recent marriage. But then things took a turn for the worse, with plans to increase the president’s term of office and the suspensions of certain regional and departmental league officials, just because they didn’t pledge allegiance to Eto’o. However, the cabal against me started in January, the last time I asked to see the marketing contracts signed by FECAFOOT. The proof: Eto’o came to Limbe in March to launch the South-West regional championship, without informing his vice president, who I am. He expected me to find him at the stadium, like all those who promote the cult of personality. But I wasn’t there, and that surprised Eto’o. After that, he came back to me to make up, but as I know he holds a grudge, I refused”.

He further said the Fecafoot boss appointed some persons to spy on his activities in the region “Eto’o gave 1 million francs to a football official in the South-West to keep an eye on me, and this gentleman started threatening my family. I referred the matter to the public prosecutor, who took steps to ensure my safety… The man threatened me, saying that he was going to put the cure in my path so that I would go mad, and I would walk naked before I died… President Samuel Eto’o held a meeting with the other members of the executive committee at Starland Hotel during which he said that he no longer trusted me because I was asking too many questions.”

Henry Njalla Quan also said that Samuel Eto’o is not fit to rule Cameroon Football and tags him as a threat to Cameroon Football’s stability as he is using the divide and rule to divide football stakeholders in the country.

“Fecafoot is a risk to the destabilisation of Cameroon. Eto’o is using football to divide Cameroonians…

There are competent people on the FECAFOOT executive committee, such as professors, local councillors and others. I can’t understand how they can be so manipulated. I feel ashamed of them.



The stars of the national team are being stifled by someone who was a star himself when he was a footballer and wants to remain a star as a manager. Any meeting, he’s there, any training session, he’s there. Even the coach feels stifled by Eto’o, who is omnipresent.” He added.

Concerning the Academy, the former fourth Vice President said there is no turning back to the decision as they are working to see that the mature players gain transfer.

We are currently working to transfer our best players to clubs in Elite One, Elite Two, and others outside the country. Those who are not yet mature will be transferred to other training centres. We are working in collaboration with our boarders and their parents so that their children do not suffer from the suspension of our activities…”

One of the problems he highlighted in the linked letter was the fact that he doesn’t know anything about sponsorship deals at the federation despite being the President of the Media and Marketing Commission.

I was chairman of the FECAFOOT marketing committee, but I have not had access to any documents relating to the various sponsorships. I don’t know what the contracts with One All Sports, Orange, MTN… are worth. I’ve asked for these documents several times, the last time copying the chairman, but the Federation’s employees have told me in cash that they won’t give them to me…”.

“I work in a company with a great reputation, I also have my little businesses, and it’s not my fault that I’m an heir. So the idea that I split with Eto’o because he closed the manager is ridiculous. I’ve already said that I didn’t eat anything at FECAFOOT. As I said earlier, I used my per diems to make donations to football players in the South-West. Eto’o promised not to touch his salary as president of FECAFOOT. Where do things stand with this promise? Today, FECAFOOT is tens of billions of francs in debt. Whose fault is that?

Regarding the issue of the mandate of the President, he said there have never been any proposals to increase the term of office of the President from four years to seven years.

No member of FECAFOOT’s general assembly has ever proposed extending the president’s term of office from 4 to 7 years. This subject has never been discussed at any FECAFOOT meeting. The only subject discussed was the increase in the number of terms of office for the president of FECAFOOT, from two to three 4-year terms, as at CAF and FIFA. Eto’o has manipulated a whole country!

Concerning the Andre Onana Issue with the National team, he said there is no problem between Song and Onana but said Eto’o is the problem.

He says Coach Rigobert Song Bahanag is a good man with a good heart. That he does not hold people at heart. That there was a problem between him and Onana but the goalkeeper apologized.


That Rigobert Song was very right when he said he is in permanent contact with André Onana, and this is a fact because they have no problem.

So Njalla Quan asked the journalist, how can André Onana be on good terms with the coach, yet he has a problem with the national team. Mr Henry Njalla Quan revealed that the problem of André Onana in the national team is Samuel Eto’o Fils, he is the one blocking the boy.

Despite all these decisions and revelations, the former Fourth Vice President says he doesn’t regret any of the decisions he has taken.

“I don’t regret resigning. Things weren’t going the way I wanted… In the South-West region, I donated equipment to clubs, players and referees. I even gave financial support to certain media, even though they insult me today. I’ve spent around 10 million francs.”

However, Henry Njalla Quan still called on Eto’o to organise a dialogue to talk about the solutions to take our football forward and that he is open to such an initiative.

It should be noted that few hours before the press conference, the South West Regional League of Fecafoot issued a release suspending the former Fourth Vice President from all football-related activities for 10 years and a fine of 10 million FCFA.


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