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Cameroon Camtel Volleyball: Complete Fixtures For Senior Men Camtel Volleyball Open

Elvis Kang


The Cameroon Camtel Volley Championship opens it’s door this weekend with games programed by the Cameroon volleyball federation for the 2021-2022 season

The first groupings called the Camtel Open will witness 6 teams to fight for two spots for the Camtel Volleyball Final that is expected to have 8 teams at the end of the qualifiers

1. Shekina Volleyball (SVB)
2. Club Efoulan Volleyball (CEV)
3. Forces Armèes et Police ( FAP)

1. TGV De Makak (TGV)
2. Port Autonome De Douala Volleyball (PAD)
3. Cameroon Sports Volleyball (CSV)


Saturday 30th October 2021

8:00 Club Efoulan Volleyball (CEV) Vs Forces Armèes et Police (FAP)

10:00: Port Autonome De Douala(PAD) Vs Cameroon Sports Volleyball( CSV)

12:00 Shekina Volleyball ( SVB) Vs Club Efouland Volleyball (CEV)

14:00: TGV De Makak (TGV) Vs Port Autonome De Douala Volleyball ( PAD)

16:00: Forces Armèes et Police Vs Shekina Volleyball (SVB)

18:00: Cameroon Sports Volleyball (CSV) Vs TGV De Makak (TGV)

Sunday 31th October 2021

8:00: 1st Pool A Vs 2nd Pool B

10:00: 1st Pool B Vs 2nd Pool A

12:00: Loser 7 Vs Loser 8

14:00: Winner 7 Vs Winner 8

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