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Cameroon: Rigobert Song – Philosophical Genius

Don’t you know it’s all a ruse? A major play? Arguably the greatest tactic Manager Rigo Song has deployed in his six months of managing Cameroon is: When you are in real danger, you’re not in real danger, but when you aren’t aware you are in real danger, that’s when you are in real danger… What do you mean that’s not saying much? How dare you. He got us to a World Cup spot, don’t you know! Yes. We did. What do you mean the draws were favourable? Anyway. Do you think Zambo Anguissa will start in Qatar? No, no, it’s not the time, let’s stop waffling on.

He isn’t going anywhere, let’s get that straight. For now, at least. The defeat to Uzbekistan on Friday may have dampened the spirits even more so ahead of the World Cup, but Song will very much be in charge of that tournament, and maybe even beyond.
And so, only from the lowest of lows can the highs feel oh so sweet, and lowering the expectations of Cameroonian fans is not necessarily a bad thing heading into a major tournament.

Sure, there are very real concerns that the state of play is so bad that a group exit, or more likely a last-16 loss, is on the cards, but tournament football is a funny old game, and Cameroon still have the players to dream, regardless of the tactics and formations thrown at them.

That said, let’s see how tomorrow at midday plays out. A meeting with South Korea awaits, and so there’s still another 90 minutes for Cameroon fans to sink into a greater depression before a World Cup few remain optimistic about.

Don’t worry, though, it’s all part of the plan.
“There’s no need to panic,” Roger Milla added. “These results are bad but we’ve got good things to come.” Samuel Eto’o said.
See? Good things come to those who wait.

Elume Raymond ™
Sports Analyst

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